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Devil May Cry 4 - Devil May Cry 4


Nero was orphaned at a young age in the city of Fortuna. He was taken in and raised by Kyrie and Credo's family and he becomes very attached to them, particularly to Kyrie whom he hold special feelings for. Nero is a member of Fortuna's religious group called "The Order of the Sword" that praises Sparda, Dante and Vergil's daddy, as a hero and a god. Nero himself is not a believer(in fact he doesn't believe at all) as oppose to Kyrie and Credo who are devout followers, Kyrie being the church singer and Credo being a general in the Orders militant group, the Holy Knights. He is often sent on "special missions" alone because of his abilities as a swordsman and mostly because he doesn't play well with others.


Nero is hot blooded, bad mouthed, cocky,impatient, rebellious, and emotional I.E. he's a punk. Regardless of how he acts, he is loyal to Kyrie and Credo and treats them in a kinder than he does everyone else. Nero gets emotional when Kyrie is in danger, quickly losing his composure and destroying anything or anyone who tries to hurt her or when he fails to save her easily breaking into tears. He also becomes easily irritable and prone to resorting to violence when her life is in jeopardy and will not stop until she's saved.

Nero tends to taunt and mock his enemies or anyone in general. He hates being looked down on and like to believe that he is better than most. He also swears a lot calling Agnus a jackass.

When it comes to work, he's a lone wolf and prefers to work alone. This builds resentment by the other members of the Order towards him but they give him the respect he is due to his abilities and strength.


As a half demon, Nero has the same abilities as Dante. Super human strength, increased reaction time, regeneration, etc. Nero just has a few differences from Dante, the biggest difference being the Devil Bringer.

As a fighter, Nero is an aggressive fighter with an arsenal of ground and aerial attacks. Bringing down heavy slashes and explosive shots, Nero seeks to destroy anything in his path but he's not just some berserker. Nero also holds a lot of evasive moves where he can catch the enemy off guard and counter. The aegis shield ability allows him to pick up an enemy and use it as a shield while he fires at them from behind.

When it comes to wielding a sword, Nero is hands down the best swordsman in the Order with his customized blazing engine sword, the Red Queen. Nero isn't half bad with a gun either, with his customized double-barrel revolver the Blue Rose he can shoot demonic bullets that explode a second after contact, or just shoot down other bullets coming at him.

His right hand, the Devil Bringer(which he dislikes stating it drives him crazy), creates something like a ghost hand that can snatch up demons from about 20 - 30 feet away and can lift demons 100 times his weight and toss them around like a rag-doll. The size of the projected etherial arm can also change to be as big as a car or the size of a fist. Nero usually just makes it slightly bigger than a normal hand. Since the etherial arm can reach great distances, Nero can grab hold to ledges(and the such) and pull himself up with ease.

The devil bringer is neigh indestructible, being able to withstand Dante's Stinger attack and not even blink and absorbs any demonic item that can increase it's power such as Echidna's forbidden fruit, Bael's rusalka corpse, and Credo's aeigis shield.

The DB also houses the sword of Dante's brother Vergil, the Yamato. The Yamato is a sword that can cut through dimensions and open the gate to the demon world. To Nero, the sword awakens his sleeping demonic power which manifests as a giant samurai-demon avatar/ghost. The avatar is capable of the same things as Nero does with the DB but when in combat situations, Nero uses the Red Queen to attack and the avatar uses a bigger etherial version of the Yamato using it's right hand and attacks at the same time as Nero. When Nero fires his gun, the avatar summons etherial swords and launches them at the enemy. He can also launch a powerful wave attack of concentrated demonic energy.
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